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May 15th, 2016

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19:58 Hold Your Nose and Vote on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Date:May 16th, 2016 3:53 (UTC)
I strongly disagree with voting for Sanders anywhere on June 7. He's made his point, Clinton has moved left on a number of issues, but what we really don't need is to go into the Democratic convention with Clinton not firmly in charge, because any sort of contested convention just weakens the Democrats vs. Trump.

Given that (against my expectations) most of the GOP has rallied around Trump, he's now a (barely) credible threat, and a divided Democratic party makes the threat of a Trump presidency far more real. Clinton already knows that many Democrats aren't satisfied, and as I mentioned in my post, given that she knows she has no hope of appeasing Republicans (either in Congress or among the public), what she needs to do is keep her base behind her, and after Sanders', that means keeping left.
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